Form the Technologies of Tomorrow Now
A special edition of the „Attention WILD!“ newsletter gives insight into 12 future technologies, which will significantly co-determine the development and production of customer products in the coming years. 
In order to set the right course, WILD has introduced a specialised Technology-Roadmap, which intensively promotes advancement in 12 selected technology sectors. With the support of university facilities and a partner network of experts, WILD has established technical competence and can therefore always be up-to-date and recognise new technological trends instead of just reacting to them. Whether 3D printing, new assembly materials or lightweight construction, there are numerous working sectors that will be of eminent importance for customers now and in the future and today WILD is already working on the solutions of tomorrow in these sectors.  In a separate special edition of the „Attention WILD!“ newsletter, WILD will introduce these 12 technology sectors in detail.
The future begins now. Click here for the download.