Development and production of opto-mechatronic products for use in security technology.

Photonic’s opto-mechatronic products for operation under challenging ambient conditions have been used on every continent for many decades.

Photonic offers both the know-how and the technology to design and produce complex, extremely robust high-quality systems, while optimising performance, dimensions and weight. Our products correspond to the relevant ISO and MIL standards. As safety is a high priority, any failure of mechanical, optical or functional parts must be precluded. In order to ensure maximum reliability, we observe strict quality guidelines accompanied by quality checks throughout the entire process, from design to production.

Photonic’s security technology products have been continuously used under harsh conditions over many decades. We therefore ensure product support over the same period – for instance by providing spare parts and offering services. We are proud of our customer relationships, which usually develop into long-term partnerships.

We offer top-quality know-how and expertise in practical application to help you realise your individual project, in line with your specific requirements and right on schedule.

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Photonic is an offical partner of EUCLIDEON and Holistic Imaging for digital geo data simulations.