Lighting systems

Photonic’s lighting systems are used in many different areas, such as:

  • life science
  • laboratories
  • forensics
  • universities and schools
  • the electronic industry
  • the automotive industry
  • quality assurance
  • measurement and control technology
  • safety engineering.

APPROPRIATE ILLUMINATION is a central prerequisite for precise work.
High-quality lighting is essential for ensuring the best possible illumination of objects to be examined. Photonic offers both fibre-optic lighting systems that consist of a light source and a fibre-optic cable, and LED illumination products for direct object lighting.

The TYPE AND DIRECTION of lighting are essential for the result achieved.
In order to obtain optimal image contrast, three approaches can be used: incident light (maximum light intensity at maximum flexibility and greatest choice of illumination forms), dark field ring light and back light.

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1) Ring light (incident light)
The goal here is to illuminate the object uniformly and without shadows.
The available accessories permit use of polarised, diffused and fluorescent light.
2) Flexible light guides, incident light guides and goose-neck light guides (incident light)
Flexible light guides, incident light guides and goose-neck light guides provide direct illumination. Use of patented optical elements permits an increase in luminous efficacy of up to 40%.
3) Dark field ring light
The light has a very small angle of incidence on the surface, which permits a better identification of surface structures. Short working distance, excellent representation of edges and vertical structures.
4) Line converter (incident light)
Use of fibre-optic line converters or line converter attachments ensures pronounced lateral light incidence, which helps identify the structure of the illuminated area. This is useful particularly in forensics.
5) Back light
Back light illumination means that objects are illuminated from below.