Photonic offers a broad product portfolio for a wide range of lighting requirements in microscopy, as well as custom-made solutions for analytic equipment.

Photonic provides a full range of products for all lighting requirements in microscopy: cold light sources based on LED, xenon and halogen technologies, which can be combined with many different fibre-optic light guides, in part equipped with remote control, and with interfaces for integration into computerised environments. We offer numerous LED lighting components as well as neon ring lights complemented by a wide range of accessories – which can be used for virtually all types of high-quality microscope.

Photonic’s lighting solutions are integrated into highly complex laboratory equipment, e.g. instruments used for blood tests in the context of in-vitro diagnosing.
Innovative, patented solutions help perform daily work and improve the quality of results in research and diagnosing laboratories, industry and forensics as well as universities and schools.

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