Photonic lighting systems are used in quality assurance and industrial endoscopy, as well as diverse fields of manufacturing and automation technologies.

In the context of quality assurance, stereo microscopes are often needed for examining and documenting defective products. High-quality instruments that are used for diverse purposes often need to be equipped with special light sources in order to perform certain tasks. Here, Photonic offers a complete range of products, from fibre-optic light sources based on LED or halogen, which can be combined with many different light guides, as well as LED lighting components, available as ring lights, spots or back lights.

Photonic’s high-performance light sources have been successfully used in endoscopy, wherever high levels of brightness and light quality are needed for the optical inspection of cavities that cannot be easily accessed.

In addition, Photonic’s lighting solutions are used in industrial manufacturing, as well as numerous areas such as video/image processing, analysis or workplace lighting.

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